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Hi all! Welcome to my blog. As you might already know, I’m currently heading towards the end of my graduate career and thought about all of the things I’ve learned through my time here. To keep some record of it and share a few of my experiences, I’m publishing some tidbits of knowledge here. Keep posted, and while I have you, I’ll show you a neat little trick I use daily.


I use the JSON format almost everywhere, and it provides a simple medium to transfer data interplatform, and is readable by almost anything. On the CLI, I use jq to view this. To make this even easier, I use the jless CLI command, which makes this process much more unix-esque.

Insert this into your .zshrc or .bashrc and your good to go!

jless() { jq . $1 -C | less -R; }
Nishanth Merwin

Nishanth Merwin

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